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A little introduction to myself and this blog

Hello there.

As you may have gathered from somewhere on this page my name is Viola. I am still a first year PhD student (although the end of year is approaching…) and a slightly longer paragraph about myself can be found on my profile. Here is a recent photo of me at ICAME 36 two weeks ago, where I had the chance to thank the organisers for the wonderful conference. (Many thanks to Sebastian Hoffmann for this shot – more of his photos from the conference are shown in this gallery).

ICAME 36 Conference,  Trier, Germany, May 2015
ICAME 36 Conference,
Trier, Germany, May 2015

Ever since I started my PhD in October 2014 the idea of starting a blog has been popping up at various trainings and it’s something I’ve observed others do very well. I like the notion of documenting the ‘PhD journey’. During my PhD life I have already started becoming a lot more active on Twitter – follow me at @violawiegand. I am excited that many people in ‘my’ academic field (here I mainly mean corpus linguistics – see the corpus linguistics Twitter list I compiled) are sort of permanently on Twitter, often giving me new ideas and just showing me what developments are out there. At the same time I also enjoy viewing encouraging posts on writing advice and other aspects of grad/PhD/academic life as documented in my ‘writing’ Twitter list. I hope to somehow join these two crowds with this blog.

So what’s the blog going to be about?

I’m still considering that but it will probably document what I’m concerned with as my PhD continues. My topics of interest include:

  • corpus linguistics
  • increasingly also more computational topics – now learning to work with R 🙂
  • discourse analysis
  • surveillance studies
  • academic writing

I also welcome feedback from more experienced bloggers regarding what’s best to focus on in a PhD blog and what’s perhaps rather boring for all of you to read. Anyhow, I’m excited about this step and hope that the blog will interest some of you and provide myself with a fresh view on my work.


I am a research fellow on the CLiC Dickens project at the Centre for Corpus Research, University of Birmingham. My research interests focus on the use of corpus linguistic tools to identify meaning in texts. In the CLiC Dickens project we develop and use methods to study the language of literary texts, particularly in Dickens’s and other 19th century fiction. My PhD research seeks to understand connections in discourse through a corpus linguistic approach. Specifically, I study how the concept of surveillance is represented in different types of texts. This blog reflects my personal opinions and not those of my employers.

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