ViolaI am a Research Fellow on the CLiC Dickens Project. My research interests focus on the use of corpus linguistic tools to identify meaning in texts. Within that project we develop and use methods to study the language of literary texts, particularly in Dickens’s and other 19th century fiction. Parallel to this project, I am working on my PhD research which focuses on discourses surrounding the concept of surveillance. I want to find out how this concept is characterised in public discourse. I’m particularly interested in the different domains of the media (both traditional outlets such as newspapers and social media including blogs) and academic writing about surveillance. I hope to see differences and similarities in the ways that journalists and academics (surveillance scholars) and the public (blog writers) present the concept of surveillance.

The topic of surveillance has gained great public interest in recent years. It is a complex and controversial social issue. Hopefully my work will be relevant to various academic disciplines, but eventually also be of interest to the wider public.

I take a corpus linguistic approach and hope that my research can also contribute to methodological developments in this field. Since September 2015 I have been based at the University of Birmingham (having completed my MA and the first year of my PhD programme at the University of Nottingham).

You can also find me on TwitterAcademia.edu and Linkedin. I’d love to hear from you! (You can also email me at v.wiegand[at]bham.ac.uk).

In my spare time I like to sketch, doodle and knit. Some of my illustrations are available as art prints and as prints on phone cases, pillows and mugs (among others) on my society6 profile 🙂 [that’s an art community, do have a look if you’re interested].


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